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Course Part I:
Management Principles

Introduces and provides in-depth training on how to set up a management system for SAM based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology.

Part I Major Topics Part I Major Topics

Introduction to SAM:

  • What is SAM, PDCA, the ITAM Standard, SAM processes and tiers


  • Context of the organization, leadership, planning, support


  • Planning and control, outsourcing and services, mixed responsibilities


  • Monitoring and evaluation, internal audit, management review


  • Continuous improvement, correcting and preventing issues

Course Part II:
Implementing SAM Processes

Presented in three progressive tiers, the course provides detailed information around implementing the 15 key operational processes recommended by ISO.

Part II Major Topics Part II Major Topics

Tier 1: Trustworthy Data

  • Introduction to Trustworthy Data
  • Change Management
  • Data Management
  • License Management
  • Security Management
  • Case Study

Tier 2: Life Cycle Integration

  • Introduction to Life Cycle Integration
  • Specification
  • Acquisition
  • Development
  • Release
  • Deployment
  • Retirement
  • Case Study

Tier 3: Optimization

  • Introduction to Optimization
  • Relationship and Contract Management
  • Financial Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Other Risk Management
  • Case Study

Certification Assessment

The assessment is designed to test your knowledge of the principles and application of ISO 19770-1 to a SAM system.

Assessment Assessment

The certification assessment consists of multiple choice questions with a qualifying score of 66 percent. You are given two attempts to qualify. Successful candidates earn the BSA Verafirm Certified SAM Professional credential and certificate.

Skills You Build

Plan a SAM System

Establish a management system for SAM that is fully aligned with the ITAM standard, ISO 19770-1:2017, and facilitates continuous improvement.  The management system will provide the overall framework for planning, executing, monitoring and improving the SAM system.

Build a SAM System

Select the right processes, define the SAM policies, assign roles and responsibilities, and communicate them to the organization. Implement a systematic approach to risk assessment and mitigation.

Operate a SAM System

Conduct proper operational planning, addressing general considerations for SAM such as outsourcing and services, and mixed-responsibility environments. Ensure proper resources are available, address awareness, communicate changes, and provide documentation.

Improve a SAM System

Incorporate continuous monitoring and evaluation of the SAM System. Address issues as they arise and aim to prevent issues from occurring. Seek and achieve continuous improvement.

What SAM Leaders Say About the Course

Abi Alex

Global Head - IT Asset Management
Large Global Investment Bank

“The content covers all areas of software asset management, including contemporary issues faced by SAM managers such as cloud, managing external publisher audit notice, DevOps, open source software, etc… Overall the information is valuable and the user interface is very friendly; and visual quality is very good.”

SAM & Cloud Manager

Mid-size technology consulting firm

“The course is a valuable and broad-reaching set of best practices and guidance for those seeking to establish a SAM function within their organization, and will be particularly valuable in coaching those new to the discipline in avoiding common pitfalls we see challenge organizations due to lack of clarity on the program, scope creep, and various other internal politics. Branching out from this, any SAM manager will have a lot of learning to do around various publisher-specific rules, use rights, terms, and so on, in addition to working to identify an appropriate asset management system (technology) for their use case, but the fundamentals here will go a long way toward informing and streamlining those next steps.”

Maria Burns

Advisor, Software Asset Management

“I thought the course was really good. Easy interface and good structure. I have recommended this course to my colleagues.”

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