Our customers are eager to share their support for our online certification program:


Abi Alex

Global Head - IT Asset Management

“The content is up to date, and covers all areas of software asset management. The course also covers contemporary issues faced by SAM managers such as cloud, managing external publisher audit notice, DevOps, open source software, etc. It helps the user to understand and become knowledgeable on ISO standards. It gives great confidence to quickly make assessment on what is going well and what requires adjustment: people, process, technology, and/or policy. Overall the information is valuable and the user interface is very friendly; and visual quality is very good.”

ITAM Consultant

“… I think it’s really good. I love how dynamic it is. The author and the designer have clearly put a huge amount of effort into it!”

John Mitsilios


“The course itself is very well laid out and very informative. It has a good flow to it and I really like the scenarios used to illustrate the points. The level of difficulty in the questions was also appropriate in my opinion.”

Peter Dunn

IT Coordinator

“Extremely useful, easy to follow, easy to access and thoroughly interesting, The course was a subject I was looking to understand and the course have provided me with the relevant knowledge that I lacked previously fully recommend it.”

Software Asset Management Advisor

“I thought the course was really good. Easy interface and good structure. I have recommended this course to my colleagues.”

SAM & Cloud Senior Manager

Mid-size technology consulting firm

“The course is a valuable and broad-reaching set of best practices and guidance for those seeking to establish a SAM function within their organization, and will be particularly valuable in coaching those new to the discipline in avoiding common pitfalls we see challenge organizations due to lack of clarity on the program, scope creep, and various other internal politics. Branching out from this, any SAM manager will have a lot of learning to do around various publisher-specific rules, use rights, terms, and so on, in addition to working to identify an appropriate asset management system (technology) for their use case, but the fundamentals here will go a long way toward informing and streamlining those next steps.”

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